The intended audience for Agile Coach Camp Worldwide is a diverse and global set of coaches, team facilitators, Scrum Masters, developers, trainers, and managers interested in taking a more coaching approach in working with their employees. Each has their own reasons for attending, from simply wanting to network to enhancing their skills to exploring new ideas in the coaching world.

This is no different to the first Camp; what became a bit lost as Camps became more regional was the global aspect. The cross-cultural perspective of a wide set of attendees helps people identify new ideas and approaches.

Attendees do not need to be experts in coaching nor come with anything more than a question they may want to explore. Often these questions turn out to be some of the most powerful sessions as people explore answers to it and related topics. Some attendees come as explorers to create new ideas, shoppers for techniques, visitors to network and see old friends and make new ones. Thanks to the nature of Open Space, no one is ever a prisoner. (Borrowing from the ESVP retro technique’s terminology.)

Sometimes at Agile Coach Camps, we will see other related domains in academia and consulting. They come trying to learn more about how we approach organizations asking for help and often have something valuable to share. Sociologists, designers/UX specialists, organizational design consultants, change management experts, and learning/educational game developers all have joined Camps prior, please feel free to extend an invite to them to join us if you know someone in the field.

Lastly we know that the pandemic has hit many relatively hard, we do have a hardship scholarship available. We’re also looking into an equitable way to provide an economic discount for the general worldwide disparities in income.

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