ACC-WW Home Edition’s agenda is shown below. All times noted below are based on Greenwich Mean Time (aka Universal Time Coordination or Zulu Time). We hope you will join us for this experiment…

Like last year, this year will be similar though our Ice Breaker events will be the day before instead of the weekend before. This was based on retro feedback we received from the event that taking another weekend back-to-back made attending the ice breakers a bit more difficult. We have moved it to the day before our first starting day. We also made these icebreakers 2 hours long as again feedback we got was that people wanted a tad more time to chat.

Opening Ice Breaker Events

Thursday, 10 June

1000 – 1200 Ice Breaker Networking

1500 – 1700 Ice Breaker Networking

2300 – 0100 Ice Breaker Networking

These will be casual chit-chat sessions to get to know one another some before the actual event starts.

Open Space Sessions

Friday, 11 June

2300 – 0300 Opening Circle, 3 Rounds of Sessions, Closing Circle, and Data Collection for Retro

Saturday, 12 June

1500 – 1900 Opening Circle, 3 Rounds of Sessions, Closing Circle, and Data Collection for Retro

Sunday, 13 June

1000 – 1400 Opening Circle, 3 Rounds of Sessions, Closing Circle, and Data Collection for Retro

Reminder: All times are Greenwich Mean Time (aka Universal Time Coordination or Zulu Time).

What will each 4 hour block look like?

We’ll start with a virtual opening circle where the facilitator will explain the principles and laws and how these will work in the online environment. Any other logistics will be explained at this time as well. Then we’ll open up the virtual market place (we are deciding on a software package to use). We’ll create a virtual queue for people to propose one topic at a time. If you want to propose multiple topics, you will need to add your name to the back of the queue. If you have heard a similar topic and want to combine, ask that person if you may combine as you propose. Please be very concise as you propose. We have set aside 55 minutes for this part.

Once the marketplace is populated, we will take a 5 minute break for people to go to their sessions. The main room will stay open. We plan to use Zoom. We want each participant/attendee to have their own personal zoom room (you can sign up for free). We have planned the sessions based on that assumption. Sessions will be 40 minutes – the length of the free Zoom room. If people want to keep talking about the topic at hand, when the room closes, just return to the same room.

Each session will have a host facilitator (the proposer), a recorder (might be preferable to be someone other than the host), and hopefully a means to share what is being recorded. We plan to offer 1-2 software web-based software packages; we will also want this information saved in some manner to become part of the proceedings.

There will always be a 5 minute break between each 40 minute session to let people come check the virtual marketplace again. After 3 rounds of sessions, people will return to the main ‘room’ for the news highlights and virtual closing circle. We have set aside 20 minutes for closing.

Once the circle is closed by the facilitator, there will be a 5 minute break, and the people that want to will stay in the room and we will have a data collection for the organizing team’s retrospective. We want to get your insights on what we want to amplify and what we want reduce or eliminate. We also expect this to be about 20 minutes.

If this continues to go well, even when the physical ACC-WW event returns, we may continue this trend of having an online event annually.

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