Bit of an Update

Agile Coach Camp Worldwide Home Edition is coming along great!

While I know many are starting to get Zoom fatigue, you will find ACC-WW(HE) energizing. The use of open space will allow you to move to where you are most passionate. Additionally, while many conferences and events have worldwide attendance, few are targeting the coaching community specifically around the globe. Here is your chance to meet and discuss the challenges each of us face and hear about new perspectives.

Going virtual has already shown some benefits – we’re starting to see people register from parts of the world that have never made it to a Camp before. Perhaps new connections will be made, perspectives shared, and ideas co-created.

In a world where COVID-19 has moved connections to being primarily virtual, we feel that our humanness is extremely important. Our theme of Caring Forward could not resonate more strongly to counteract all of the negative forces in the world currently. We look forward to unleashing the energy from last year’s camp as we grow ways to meet the challenge.

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