Our Facilitators & Organizers

Danny Wuysang

1st Session Facilitator

Danny is currently an Agile Coach at BFI Finance Indonesia, where he is part of their journey to become more and more agile. His experience is mostly in the financial services industry and tech startup, also teaching in various settings. His personal mission is to better the working environment especially in professional software development, which he believes in having an agile mindset and leaving behind decades old way of working. He actively promote ways to continuously learn and improve through his blog, social media, and several communities.

Juan Banda

2nd Session Facilitator

Juan Banda is a trainer, speaker and out of the box thinker. Since Juan got exposed to Scrum in early 2007, he committed himself to continue learning and applying Scrum in the teams and organizations where he worked. Juan now holds all of the requirements of the Scrum Alliance and is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) in addition to a LeSS Friendly Scrum Trainer. 

Juan is also a community enthusiast and dedicated to the Scrum movement in his home country of Bolivia. He has organized Scrum Bolivia Day 2012, Scrum Bolivia Day 2013, and the Regional Scrum Gathering Bolivia 2014. In August 2013 Juan has been elected to serve as a member on the Agile Alliance Board of Directors where he served for two consecutive three-year terms. Starting on April 2020 Juan joined the Agile Alliance as Latam Community Developer.

Deepti Jain

3rd Session Facilitator

Deepti is an Agile practitioner, experienced in creating, leading, and managing Agile teams in a distributed setup. She is active in Agile community building in India. For the past 6 years her primary focus is on Agile and its Scaling with Continuous Integration and Improvement with Lean, Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agile Framework. She is also Atlassian Community Leader for Gurgaon-NCR.

Based out of Gurgaon, she is very eager to help International and National Clients. To get access and share Agile abundance, she founded “AgileVirgin” in 2015. In addition to Consulting, Coaching, and Training, AgileVirgin also runs countrywide Communities of Practices throughout India. It’s flagship initiatives are AgilityToday, Agile-A-Thon, FUnconf, Change Agents Summit, and Women-in-Agile-and-Tech.

Organizing Team

Agile Coach Camp Worldwide (Home Edition) has been graciously organized with the help of Colleen Esposito, Angie Doyle, Ricardo Abella, and Jake Calabrese. I also want to thanks the early stewardship of Mark Kilby and Sarah Baca when we were still planning to have this in Orlando – they got us smoothly running and saw us through the transition to a virtual event.

~ Paul Boos, ACC-WW Initiative Chair

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