COVID-19 Guidance

Your registration is an agreement with the following COVID protocols. If you can’t or don’t wish to comply with these or feel these are inadequate, request a refund ASAP.  You don’t need to give us a reason, we will honor it.

  • You agree that you have been vaccinated. Unlike the big conference, we’re not going to require proof of vaccination. We believe that the people attending can be considered honorable in this as we expect people to have an agreement to Code of Ethical Conduct for Agile Coaching, specifically a) Navigating conflicts of interest: I will be transparent about any potential conflicts of interest with all who might be affected; b) Upholding social responsibility, diversity and inclusion: I will strive to leave society better than I found it, by my action or inaction; -and- c) Responsibility to the profession: I will enhance and uplift the reputation of the agile coaching profession.
  • You agree to identify your comfort level and respect other’s comfort levels in closeness and/or mask preference. We will do this using dot stickers on your name tag with Green – comfortable (I feel comfortable enough that I am willing to receive a hug); Yellow – I am uncomfortable in general with contact; I will accept a fist pump as a greeting though; Red – I would prefer to keep as socially distanced as the space will allow. We expect that masks may be desired with folk that are indicating themselves with Yellow or Red. You are welcome to readjust your comfort level during the event as we realize this may be the first time some people are getting together. We will have some masks and hand sanitizer available.
  • The above cover all ‘official’ events of the Camp: the Friday Networking event and the Saturday and Sunday Camp itself. Note: the Friday networking event is expected to be outside unless we have inclement weather.

The Zoo provides an opportunity for walking sessions/discussions to be held, so feel free to have these kind of sessions. There is an outside area where people can hold a session as well as some people may want to hold walking sessions around the zoo as they discuss items. (Please record something on a flip chart to capture the discussions when you return inside.)

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